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Our Products

Our Carefree range is designed to overcome the issues of self-closing doors in Care homes, giving residents the independence, privacy and safety other door systems simply cannot offer. All our systems are connected to the fire alarms to close safely, reliably and automatically. We take pride in maunfacturing all our products in the UK.

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Our lead product is Carefree Plus, a revolution in swing free technology. Specifically developed for the Care Industry and ideal for bedroom doors, Carefree Plus has unique features that lowers the risk of injury to residents and eliminates the incentive to wedge doors.

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Carefree Standard Holdfire Carefree Standard is a dual purpose unit that offers selectable hold-open or swing free functions but withiut the added safty features of Carefree Plus

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Carefree Duo is a specialist product designed for areas where a closing function is required but the door must be light enough for residents to use. Typical examples might be a toilet or bathroom door where a fire door and closer have been specified. Carefree Duo makes the door easy to open but retains a gentle weak closing action to bring the door to the frame for privacy reasons. If the fire alarms are activated the closing power steps up to that of a standard door closer to meet fire regulations.

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The Carefree Door Closer is a simple high quality DDA compliant door closer. Intended for use on doors that do not need the sophistication of a connection to the fire system; this product is ideally suited for cupboard doors and some staff areas.

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