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Carefree Plus+

Carefree Plus+

Holdfire Carefree Plus is a revolution in swing free technology. Specifically developed for the Care Industry, Carefree Plus has unique features that lowers risks of injury to residents and eliminates the incentive to wedge doors.

  • Unique swing free system developed specifically for care
  • Door cannot be slammed
  • Resists drift from draughts and unbalanced doors
  • Safe, slow swing speed in fire condition
  • Slimline profile allows closer to be positioned behind most doors
  • Ideal for both new construction and retrofit
  • Approved to British and European standards
  • Available in a wide range of and finishes & colours
  • A comprehensive 2 year guarantee

Traditional swing free systems can cause additional problems in Care. Because in normal use the door is completely free, it can be slammed shut either maliciously, accidentally or simply because of a draught in the building; this poses an unacceptable risk to frail care home residents. Holdfire have developed Carefree Plus to hydraulically damp the motion of the door so that it cannot be slammed

In care facilities doors may drift from the position the resident chooses if subjected to draughts or the door is unbalanced; the result being the resident wedges the door. Carefree Plus introduces an imperceptible hydraulic drag that stops the door building a momentum and drifting from its position, while to the resident the door feels completely free

Carefree Plus door is the only unit on the market specifically designed to meet the needs of residential care facilities

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Product Details
Technical Data

Carefree Plus has been designed specifically to maximise the safety of residents in care facilities. Unlike any other swing-free system, it removes any reason or incentive to wedge doors open and ensures that residents can never be hurt by a slamming door. In keeping with the Holdfire design philosophy, the Carefree unit is a

low profile mechanism that is even smaller than many types of basic overhead closer. This means it can be hidden behind most doors providing that important non-institutional look to a care facility. With these important aesthetic features and crucial safety considerations, Carefree Plus is simply in a class of its own.

Spray Silver
Brushed Stainless Steel
Brass Plated
Chrome plated
Colour matching
Power Requirements:
24V DC, 2.8W
BS EN 1155 which incorporates BS EN 1634. Can be installed to meet BS 7273 Cat A

Key Features

Carefree Plus door is the only unit on the market specifically designed to meet the needs of residential care facilities and offers:

  • Unique safety features for care environments
  • Simple set up and installation
  • mounts on front, back, left, right or transom of door with no addtional parts required
  • rated at up to power size 4 (suitable for doors up to 80Kg and 1050mm leaf)
  • latch and anti-slam control
  • will not stress and warp doors like tradtional hold-open systems

Many swing free systems available allow the closing swing speed of the door in alarm conditions to be adjusted. The temptation for the installer is to either set the speed fast to overcome carpentry issues or simply forget to adjust the speed down to the safe level. The risk is that on activation of the fire alarm the doors shut dangerously quickly risking injury to residents. Carefree Plus removes this risk by fixing the closing speed to a safe level but providing a powerful latching action to drive past the cold smoke seals and close the door

What is swing free?

When the door is opened for the first time, the closing mechanism is “loaded” but held back from closing the door. This means the door is completely free of any closing force; it behaves like a door that does not have a closer fitted.

The benefit for residents and staff is that there is no resistance to opening or closing the door and it can be left in any position - even just a few inches open.

The closer is connected into the fire alarm system so that when the alarms are activated the closing mechanism is released and the door is closed. A closing force will remain on the door until the alarms have stopped and the door is opened once more to load the mechanisms


Standard delivery is 3 working days from the date the order was placed and items will be dispatched by courier. A signature will be required from the consignee on receipt of the goods.

If a custom finish is ordered the standard delivery is 15 working days from the date the order was placed.



Subject to a 15% handling charge, we will accept returns for refund provided the goods are returned unused and in their original packing. Carriage charges will not be refunded. Please contact us for returns instructions.

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